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Latest Message: 6 days, 3 hours ago
  • Ed Ka : Guys the radio is on. Please go ahead tune in tonight 05/19/2015 to hear Boris Gebenshikov.
  • guest_9807 : Very nice quality of the video stream! Great job, Ed!
  • Ed Ka : THIS FRIDAY, May 8th -- world fusion beats by Moonshainya + ... (see the link below for details) @ DOWNHOUSE LOUNGE Live streaming by Rock-N-Dance.
  • EdKa : This Friday, we will be broadcasting show from "Downhouse" club, in Brooklyn, NY @ 8pm. Please get prepared. Shortly we will publish list of bands and the name of concert.
  • EdKa : Hi Guys !
  • guest_2469 : Whats up guys !
  • E.K. : Andrew ! Thank You goes to our DJs,
  • Andrew : I love the music. Fantastic job on it!
  • E.K. : Thank You Gene D. :)
  • GeneD : cool place
  • M.D. : The new design ROCKS!!! )))
  • E.K. : Dear Friends ! Finally, this is happened ! The new, refreshed website is here. Please Enjoy the new look and features. If you find something uncool, let us know. (use contact page) Thank You !!!
  • E.K. : To Fandorin, we will be releasing short video of Interzona performance from Baby's Alright. We will post the link on our website.
  • fandorin : hey all, will you be posting the video from Baby's all right from Sat night, Dec 14?
  • E.K. : Jay ! Thanks for checkin here ! Let us know what issue you had. We will definitely look to clear any outstanding difficulties. Thank You !
  • Jay : yes, there are technical problems, may contribute to troubleshooting
  • Jay : Thanks for the live broadcast, it was pleasure.
  • E.K. : Jake Thank You !
  • Jake : Thanks Ed and Vitaly. My first visit to your live show...
  • guest_8482 : i don't here any sound from video streaming
  • E.K. : We are live ! Also, you should see video broadcast as well !
  • M.D.MiX : We're going live in 23 minutes (1pm) -- tune in ;)
  • guest_7075 : Can you play "If I were a boy" By Dinah Jane's on youtube..amazing short version...better than Beyonce
  • E.K. : We are here guys, just about to go live on Air ! join us !
  • Ed K. : Guys let us know if you have trouble with video
  • M.D. : Friends! The chat is up! :)
  • guest_4746 : Our chat is back
  • guest_4746 : Test