24/7 online radio station exploring roots and trends of modern music and technologies

ROCK-N-DANCE RADIO is an independent company providing live online streaming services (both video and audio) from selected events. We also do live radio music and talk shows exploring roots and trends of modern music (ROOTS & TRENDS show) and the news from the world of technology – from cool latest gadgets to space exploration (TEKADVICE show). When we are not broadcasting live, we play mixes of our DJ friends in many different styles and genres, as well as exclusive tracks by some of the bands, artists and producers from around the globe that we like — and chances are you won’t hear them anywhere else. We’ve come a long way from the end of 2012 when we decided to try and do live streaming from some concerts and parties to provide those who weren’t able to attend or the ones living in the other parts of the globe with an opportunity to still enjoy an event and be a part of it. Behind our belt there are broadcasts from concerts of world beat stars MARKSCHEIDER KUNST, Russian heavy metal legends ARIYA, NYC-based roots reggae band META & THE CORNERSTONES, Danish-American indie pop outfit HESS IS MORE and many other concerts, parties and festivals (please visit our ARCHIVE page to find recordings of all events that we streamed from and live radio shows that we did).

Roots and Trends – M.D.MiX and Ed Ka

TekAdvice - Ed Ka and Vitaly Lk