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Dear fans and subscribers welcome to JamAir.TV !

Since 2012 we have been offering free live broadcasts of events and gatherings from various venues, festivals and clubs around New York City. We have tried different approaches in technologies and marketing strategies to broaden our audience. We’ve attempted to make it possible for our content to be accessed easier and be more appealing for you and redesigned the webiste in 2013 (http://rockandance.net). Offered mobile audio/video streaming.
Our audience is still growing and recently our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/EKNEOMATIK) has reached to over 100 subscribers, with total of 133,000+ video plays. With your support we have been promoted and obtained “Creator” status on Youtube.

Thank you !

However, some of you commented on the name that we had previously chosen – “Rock-N-Dance Radio” (http://rockandance.net ) as it wasn’t intuitive and a bit hard to spell and remember. We heard you and decided to take steps to address the elephant in the room :).

Please welcome our new name “JamAir.TV” from the same people who broadcasted live and presented to you concerts of :Boris Grebenshikov, Agatha Christy, Televizor (Michael Borzikin), U-Piter, Markscheider Kunst, Tequila Jazzz, Zorge, Jah Division, Hazmat Modine, Billy’s Band, Hess is More, Ariya, Meta & The Cornerstones, music festivals JetLag 2015, Echo Festival 2014 & 2015, The Borsht Ball 2015 and many more.
We hope that name change (http://jamair.tv) will make it easier for us to reach out to you and for you to reach out to us !

Our new website is on the way, for now please enjoy the video of
Mikhail Bashakov & Boris Plotnikov @ Downhouse, NYC 08-07-2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWwT035X6iQ
Enjoy our broadcasts!


jamair.tv crew

Roots and Trends – M.D.MiX and Ed Ka

TekAdvice - Ed Ka and Vitaly Lk