Rockandance Radio is all about learning new things, be it the latest trends in modern music and technology or some newly discovered historical facts. We never cease being excited about our findings, and we’re glad to share them with our listeners.
OUR SHOWS: ROOTS & TRENDS and TEKADVICE. We also do LIVE BROADCASTS from selected events that we find interesting, trendy and/or historical. Every such broadcast is recorded and posted in our ARCHIVE.

Mike Danilin – Musician, producer, songwriter, singer, language and humanities teacher, DJ. Author, programmer and host of ROOTS & TRENDS show exploring roots and trends of modern rock and dance music.

Ed Ka – Technical guru, engineer, musician, producer, songwriter. Author, programmer and host of TEKADVICE show dedicated to news and trends in the technological world. Co-author and host of ROOTS & TRENDS show.

Vitale Lk – Web developer, technologist, technical expert. Co-author and host of TEKADVICE show.

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